Launching of the biggest car/truck-carrier in the world

Written by: Emanuel Blagonic

Published on: October 7, 2006

You are wondering about the title of this article. What is the biggest car-carrier in the world? Why is mentioned on this blog? And so on. Well, I was born in Pula, which is well known because of the beautiful amphitheatre (Arena) from 80 A.D., but also well known for its shipyard Uljanik since 1856. Uljanik was the most important shipyard in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and today is the technologically most advanced shipyard in Croatia. I grew up watching the shipyard day by day, and since my 3rd year, it triggered my imagination.

Launching of the biggest car/truck carrier in the World

When ship goes into the sea, this is a very unique experience both for the builders and spectators. When ship (Höegh Delhi is almost 190 meter long, and 32 meters tall) gets by you when going into the sea, it is a moment when you hold your breath and just watch. On these days when the ship is launched, Uljanik opens the doors, and everyone is welcome to enter and watch. Unfortunately, today I didn’t get a chance to watch the launch from the first row, but I watched it numerous times.

You can learn more about Uljanik here, and if you wish to now more detailed information about this ship just follow the link.

I took a few pictures which can be viewed at Flickr.

Sunset in Pula, Croatia. Picture was taken from my balcony in the center of Pula.