5 reasons you have to apply to talk at WordCamp Europe

This article was first published on Netokracija (leading south–european technology blog) in Croatian, but decided to publish it here as well, since I believe these are unique reasons for applying to speak at WCEU.

So, you’re working with WordPress. Professionally. Individually or as part of an agency? Did you think of applying to speak at WordCamp Europe? No? Read on. Continue reading “5 reasons you have to apply to talk at WordCamp Europe”

How to build a WordPress community?

I would like to tell you a story about how couple of us started Croatian WordPress Community. It all began couple of months ago when three of us went to WordCamp Europe. Off course, building a community was something we thought about long before, but after WordCamp we made a decision to make the next step.

I used this article to write down some moments and thoughts that I had while being one of the organizers of Croatian WordPress Community. Learn how to build a WordPress community with a story on how we started Croatian WordPress community. Continue reading “How to build a WordPress community?”

Six Years

Six years have passed since my last blog post here. Much has happened since. This is a story about last six years. It is a story about love, life, kids and how sometimes everything can fell apart.

This is a personal post. If you’re the kind of a reader who is uncomfortable reading about personal stuff, now it’s a good moment to leave this article. For me, writing is relaxing. It’s a way to organize my thoughts… Continue reading “Six Years”

Happy holidays

Hi guys and girls. Since I started my business, I thought I would have more time to write on this Blog, but just this was just the contrarily :( . Well, nevertheless, I would like you all to have very nice holidays, in your house with your family and friends – the loved ones ;). And stop by from time to time, there are some news in my head which I am planning to do in the near future (if time will allow).