A week in Ukraine for the first WordCamp Kyiv

I like to travel, visit new places and meet new, interesting people. WordCamp Kyiv was my 6th WordCamp this year, and the 4th I’ve been speaking at. Since I try to have at least 2 different talks each year, I applied to Kyiv with two talks, and a new one about accessibility got accepted. While really looking forward to meet new people I didn’t know what can I expect from Ukraine. But the thing is – Ukraine is amazing.

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Another year, another WordCamp Belgrade

Maybe I’m biased when it comes to the Serbian community. I don’t know. I know these people for quite some time now and I know the amount of work they put into organizing events and eventually – annual WordCamp. WordCamp Belgrade 2016 is the second WordCamp in Belgrade and this year it was even bigger with more attendees and more talks in two tracks. Last year I was only attending but this year I prepared a talk.

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How to build a WordPress community?

I would like to tell you a story about how couple of us started Croatian WordPress Community. It all began couple of months ago when three of us went to WordCamp Europe. Off course, building a community was something we thought about long before, but after WordCamp we made a decision to make the next step.

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Useful plugins for WordPress

When I started to build my WordPress based blog site, with my limited knowledge of programming, I found WordPress plugins to be very useful. On WordPress Codex there is one section that covers most of the plugins that were released for WordPress. There is a difference which plugin will work with which WordPress version, so I created one list of plugins that I found very useful.

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