Would Google benefit from using web standards?

Google homepage has 5 KB in size and the search results page less than 20 KB. Both pages don’t use standards compliant coding that separates data from presentation. This is not a problem because Google looks the same in all browsers and loads pretty fast. But, what if we used standards compliant code? How should we benefit from that?

Google homepage screenshot

I realized if Google used web standards, than this would be a giant boost to the web standards community (which is, by the way, getting more important every day). What is the benefit to Google? What if I said to you that by using web standards Google could save up to 25% of the HTML file size?

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Designing a Content Management System driven website

If you designed a web page that is supposed to be used as a part of Content Management System, than you should already be familiar with the difficulties and limitations of those designs. There are many variables you should think of when designing for Content Management Systems — what are the maximum image sizes, which kind of users will be using CMS, how much HTML do they know, will the page validate after the users input their text etc.

It is easy when you design a static page, but there are many obstacles, difficulties and limitations when you design for Content Management Systems. This is like a coin — it has two sides. I personally love the challenge that this kind of work puts in front of me, but nevertheless it is exhausting and sometimes painful.

In this article I will try to show you how to overcome some of the difficulties that will eventually come up when you design a page that is supposed to be edited by different people with different level of HTML knowledge.

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Designing with passion

One obvious and another less obvious steal or rip-off (as you wish to call it) came to my eyes recently. In article “Is this a rip-off?” I pointed obvious one, and in the comments to the article I pointed one less obvious. Both of them are inspired by this design. What’s wrong with those people? Do they know how to design a blog or what? Well, since these two are the first rip-offs of my blog design, I decided to write an article about designing with passion, maybe the guys will learn something :)
And yes, there is no easy way of designing a “killer website”. Here are few tips that help me design.

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