Advanced forms

In you read the article about creating simple contact forms than you know what the most web designers will ever need. For those of you who need some advanced forms, this is the article for you. In this article I will not cover many things, because if you know the basics you could combine the knowledge for creating more powerful forms. When you’re done reading this article you will be able to create advanced forms such as registration form. I wanted to show you how to create nice looking form including text inputs, textarea and checkboxes. I will also show you how to group checkboxes and create description text for the text inputs.

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Tables explained — how to use and style them

Back in the “old days” of the web, tables were used for creating page layouts ranging from complex to simple (for example — creating a contact form). Today, we use DIVs and SPANs instead, and we should use tables only for displaying tabular data. In this article I will show you how to use tables (we will use , and ), display a caption and style it up with some CSS.

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Creating menus: Horizontal navigation > Explained

Few days ago I was writing about creating vertical navigation using unordered lists and CSS. Now it is time to show you how to create horizontal navigation with the same things. The beauty of CSS is that we don’t need to change anything in the XHTML code of our previous navigation. Although there are no limitations in creating horizontal navigation, in this article I will show you how to create clean and simple horizontal navigation, but without sub-navigation. I will cover sub-navigation in some other article on this topic.

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Learn how to design your own XHTML valid website

Learn how to design your own XHTML valid website

I know from my experience, that it’s not easy to make a switch between table-based design, and CSS-based design. Been there, done that – thank you. On the web there are many great resources and lessons for designing layout or navigation you can all find them on Google. There are also many documented problems between Firefox/IE/Opera/Safari.

I will try to help you with that switch, I will try to answer all your questions with this list of articles that cover designing one imaginary firms website from scratch. This articles will help you design your own sites and understand the process, but if you are not a web designer, you should try to hire one if you have any problems in the process. Hey, I know about computers, but I never tried to fix one, right?

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Creating menus: Vertical Navigation > Explained

In this article I will explain how to create simple vertical navigation menu with one sub-menu. I suppose there are many explanations of how to create vertical (and horizontal) navigation menus all over the web, but when I was just a beginner I learned to write both XHTML and CSS, but never really understood why I wrote this or that (in CSS file). I will try to help you.

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