Six Years

Written by: Emanuel Blagonic

Published on: January 14, 2014

Six years have passed since my last blog post here. Much has happened since. This is a story about last six years. It is a story about love, life, kids and how sometimes everything can fell apart.

This is a personal post. If you’re the kind of a reader who is uncomfortable reading about personal stuff, now it’s a good moment to leave this article. For me, writing is relaxing. It’s a way to organize my thoughts…

Business decisions

In 2007. I started Extendis, my second company (and wrote about it on this blog). Although it was a difficult time for us since Jasenka was unemployed for 4 years and worked only part–time (occasionally) and with me between jobs it all started coming to pieces. I did some freelance work with interesting projects, learned a lot of new stuff, but unfortunately, neglected this blog. In 2010. my brother Lucijan and I started an agency – Blagonic Brothers. We were known for making quality work so working together seemed as a logical next step. The next 2 years were (looking backwards) the best 2 business years. We went to a lot of conferences, being faster with every new project, implementing new technologies along the way… We even started to speak at some local events.

At the end of 2011. we started employing people. It was a hell of a ride with ups & downs of running business in Croatia. Last year I co–founded first Croatian agency specialized in WordPress – Tailored Development, we launched our service Tailored4WP and started building Croatian WordPress community.

Personal life

In my personal life things started to look promising. In 2008. I’ve got married and in the next 2 years I visited many European cities like Budapest, Munich, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Paris, Geneve, Zurich… But, there were problems. My wife and I couldn’t get a baby we wanted so much…

Toughest moment

So, from 2010. we went to several  clinics searching for two simple answers: “Why we can’t get a baby?” and “Is there a solution to our problem?”. The toughest moment I remember was one rainy day in Rijeka, when a doctor gave us negative diagnosis. We might never get a baby. Although this kind of news is not something you hear every day it was shocking to us and we certainly weren’t prepared to hear that.  Neverthless, we were determined and tried to stay positive in the process.

Everyday driving around 200km from Pula to Rijeka to take a medication and a test, then going back to work, managing a company with couple of people, managing clients and work and trying to stay in the deadlines. If I worked with you in those 2 years I’m sorry for every deadline missed. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Falling apart

I know I can take a lot of punches and tolerate whole lot of stress. But there is always a limit. For me, it was a day Lucijan and I held a lecture in front of (around) 100 people. Didn’t sleep well that night and in the morning I heard the news that we just lost “this small little bubble” (that’s how we used to call implanted embryos). We didn’t make it, again, in our journey. In the middle of a lecture – blackout. I simply couldn’t talk, had to sit down and relax. Fortunately enough, I managed to finish the lecture.

Happy moments

But life writes the most beautiful and unpredictable stories. The very next day I learned that from two babies, one little fighter survived the implantation process. That was the happiest moment of my life to that point. When Luka was about to be born we went to Rijeka again (so, basically Luka is “Fiuman” – those from Rijeka know the meaning;). I went to hospital and witnessed that moment. Those of you who have kids, you know what I’m talking about. It was magical.

Life is unpredictable

And once again – life was unpredictable. During this couple of years while we went to all kinds of psychological stress – this left so many scars on our relationship. From a relationship that can withstand anything we’ve gone to divorce. It’s sad in fact, after all we’ve gone through together, with money problems, with problems getting baby, with business problems – that we separated once our dreams came true. But that is life. You never know what awaits you around the corner. And because of that you should always live every day as it is your last. I had a lot of beautiful days in this past 10 years. In the last year alone with Luka I have a lot of memories, good memories.


And the life goes on. We should embrace it with our arms open. Always give more than expected, do your best. And even then, there is no certainty what will happen next. Sure, you can loose a lot but then again – if you never even tried how can you make a mistake?

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

— Albert Einstein