Useful plugins for WordPress

Written by: Emanuel Blagonic

Published on: September 13, 2006

When I started to build my WordPress based blog site, with my limited knowledge of programming, I found WordPress plugins to be very useful. On WordPress Codex there is one section that covers most of the plugins that were released for WordPress. There is a difference which plugin will work with which WordPress version, so I created one list of plugins that I found very useful.

Get Recent Comments

Get Recent Comments plugin displays, as its name says, recent comments on the pages of your choice. It is very configurable as it has its own configuration area in WordPress administration under Options > Recent Comments. You can choose how many comments you want to show, you can excerpt long comments and wrap long words, or exclude certain categories. In Recent Comments configuration area you define how the comments are displayed in the front-end.

Jerome’s Keywords and Jerome’s Keywords: Related Posts

Jerome’s Keywords is a plugin for WordPress 1.5.x and 2.0 to associate keywords with your posts. Plugin implements local keyword/tag system into WordPress installation as it adds a field to the post & page editing screens for entering and editing keywords.

Jerome’s Keyword: Related Posts plugin, uses Jerome’s Keywords and presents related posts according to the tags (keywords) of the current post.

Maintenance Mode Plugin

Maintenance Mode Plugin is very useful for making your blog temporarily unavailable to your visitors with a custom message. Of course, your blog will be accessible by site administrators and logged in users. You can also change a custom message, which is the most that you will need from this plugin.

Code Auto Escape

Code Auto Escape is a very good plugin if you often post code snippets in your blog. It is designed to get around common problems when posting a code in your posts.


ChenPress replaces the default WordPress WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE when editing posts and pages. TinyMCE is a great editor, but with my limited programming skills I didn’t figure the way to make it show more editing options (H2 for example).

To say the truth, I had problems loading ChenPress on my web site online too, but I had no problems when testing it locally. I suppose this is because PHP 5.0.5. is installed on the server. Nevertheless, I think ChenPress is perfect when you need more WYSIWYG editing options in writing or editing posts and pages.