What is this blog all about?

Written by: Emanuel Blagonic

Published on: September 8, 2006

Why did I start a blog? What is this blog all about? Why the blog is called “Something about web design”? Who is Emanuel Blagonic? What about this guy English – it sucks:)! On all this questions answers lie just beneath this post.

So Why did I start a blog?

Well, the answer is very simple in fact. The first reason of this blog existing is sharing ideas, techniques and tips & tricks I learned the last year and half. Although my first web page was done in the ’90s (late 1997.) with tables and stuff everyone was using back then, I learned a lot by now. My intention is to spread XHTML/CSS techniques, share knowledge learned so far, and help new designers not repeat mistakes I made.

What is this blog all about?

Hopefully, on this blog you will learn about XHTML and CSS, but also about design, usability, accessibility, web 2.0, tips and tricks in web design and more. I began using XHTML/CSS past year when I talked to Alen Grakalić. Many thanks goes to him. Since then my design was based on XHTML/CSS, that I liked even more with every project I finished. I think that CSS is the future and I would like to share this future with you.

Why the blog is called “Something about web design”?

I know that my knowledge isn’t very extensive, but in time, I hope, it will become. So, that’s the reason I called the blog just Something rather than All :).

Who is Emanuel Blagonic?

I am a web professional from Pula, Croatia. My interests range from web technologies to digital media and motion graphics. I am in design business for 8 years. First I was a motion/graphic designer for one of Croatian local televisions where I designed and produced commercials, jingles and intros. At 2004., me and two of my friends opened a web design firm called Omnicron, at my home town. Since then, I was, learning, learning and learning even more.

Sorry for bad English

I apologize for my English at this time, hopefully I will learn that to. Have fun reading the blog!